Unplug From the Craziness

Unplug From the Craziness

Learning to cherish downtime is a step toward productivity.

It's easy to think that on lazy summer days you'll pour yourself a glass of lemonade, slap a little drink umbrella in it, then mosey out to the backyard and park your fanny on a lawn chair with a good book in hand. But have you done that once yet this summer? Come on. Be honest. And even if you have done it once, was a single moment of relaxing in the sun really all you were really hoping to get in?

Here's the deal, folks…not only is summer short, life is. I'm not suggesting you take up a couch potato lifestyle, but I am advocating that you take time, cram it into your schedule with a sledge hammer if you must, to have some regular downtime in your life. Shoot, it's biblical, even. 

"Be still and know that I am God."
Psalm 46:10

You can't know yourself, those around you, or even God if you live in a continual state of running around like your pants are on fire.

So today, yes, this day, take a mere 15 minutes to get alone and just be. Breathe deep. Feel the sun soaking into your skin. Listen to the birds.