Do You Need a Logo?

Do You Need a Logo?

Designing a logo for the graphically challenged.

From the golden arches to the silhouette of an apple with a bite out of it, there’s no denying that logos are powerful tools. I didn’t have to tell you I was talking a certain hamburger flipping joint or the most cutting-edge PC producer in the world, and yet you knew because of the symbols I described. So if you’re wondering if you, little peon that you are, need a logo, the answer is undoubtedly yes.

And have I found an awesome site for you to create your own!

DesignEvo makes it easy and affordable for you to put together a moniker that’s your very own. In their words:

We aim to make professional photo editing and graphic design capability accessible to everyone.

And they’re not lying. Recently I played around on the DesignEvo site, but allow me a disclaimer first. I am NOT by any wild stretch of the imagination tech savvy. Even so, within about ten minutes, I created a fun logo that tells you at a glance what I do. Here it is:

logo png.png

Does that not scream award-winning author or what? So, yeah, like I said, the site is completely user friendly and offers tons of templates and fonts and art for you to use. Or if you really want to off-road it, renegade that you are, you can build a logo from scratch using their tools.

Now before you blow this off as being too rich for your blood, hold on there, Hoss. DesignEvo is totally affordable. I did that sweet little logo of mine el primo, meaning that for $39, you can download a high-res jpeg and png of whatever you create. But if you don’t happen to have that many pennies in your pocket, don’t worry. They have a free option. I created this bad boy in a mere 5 minutes:

free logo.jpg

You don’t get as high of a resolution as the premium package, but it still works fine for most purposes. The catch is that you need to share about the site on the social media of your choice and your website or blog, like this:

Logo made with DesignEvo

And it’s just that easy, folks. I’ve used several graphic sites in the past, but when it comes to logo making, I’m giving DesignEvo two thumbs up and five stars. Check it out yourself or pass on the info to someone who might need an awesome looking logo.