Recipe For a Book Signing

Recipe For a Book Signing

Find out what goes in to the making of a successful book signing.

Tonight I’m signing books at a local Barnes & Noble (details on my Facebook page). But that doesn’t mean I’ll just show up with a Sharpie and start John-Hancocking it. There are certain ingredients that go into mixing up a great book signing.

A Heaping Cupful of Invitations
Long before the event day arrives, mail out personal invitations to friends, family, and any possible reader you can think of. The more who attend your signing, the more the bookstore will be likely to ask you back in the future.

A Can or Two of Social Media
Also start spreading the word in advance on your social media. All of them. Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, wherever it is that you hang out.

A Tablespoon of Bookmarks
Personally, I make cute little markers that look like miniature books that I’ve got published. But you don’t have to go all Pinterest. You can order bookmarks if you’d rather. The point is to have something for your readers to take home, whether they buy a book or not.

A Dash of Chocolate
I always bring little thank-yous to give away for anyone who attends. From kids to adults, everyone loves chocolate.

5 Pounds of Basketed Giveaways
I make a giveaway basket of goodies (a copy of my book, a candle, some tea, a cute mug, chocolate) for the bookstore manager or any other workers that took part in promoting my signing. I also make a giveaway basket for readers to win. On my sign-up slips I make sure to collect emails and ask if they’d like to sign up for my newsletter.

A Sweet Tablecloth
You’ll likely get the standard white when you walk into the bookstore. I bring along an extra jazzy layer to perk that institutional white up a bit.

Dressing for the event can be anything from business casual to going all out and dressing for the era. Example: I have a Regency gown and bonnet that I’ll be wearing to mine. On the day of the event, don’t forget to do one more email blast.

And there you have it. Mix all these ingredients together and I guarantee you’ll have one successful book signing on your hands.