Making the Most of a Road Trip

Making the Most of a Road Trip

Make your next road trip the most memorable ever.

Shhh. Listen. Hear that scream-laughing and thumpity bass rhythm tooling down the highway? Don’t panic. That’s me and my girls, cross-countrying it to see my boy in Denver.

Road trips have always been a big favorite in my family. Over the years we’ve logged lots of miles and learned quite a few life hacks to getting the most out of our time on the road. Here are some so you can have an awesome road experience too…

1. Be Flexible

It's a good idea to have a plan in mind while venturing out into the wide world, but hold onto that plan loosely. You never know what you'll discover while you're out and about. Some of the best memories are simply from finding an unexpected bit of fun like this dinosaur we discovered at a gas station in Nebraska.


2. Make a Playlist

Half the fun of spending time together in the car is singing your lungs out. Put together some music selections that everyone will enjoy, from throwbacks to the past to quirky new beats.

3. Make New Friends

The best way to get to know an area, even one you're only staying in for a day, is to strike up conversations with those around you. Okay, so not in a creepy way, but in a fun way. Tonight we chatted with a security guard at the parking ramp and she was a wealth of information. Asking locals where to eat and what to do are great ways to experience the best of what the location offers.

4. Check Out Factory Tours

Lots of factories give tours for free or a nominal fee. This is a super fun way to add to the usual "touristy" type things on your list to do. Often they give out free samples as well. Tomorrow we'll be hitting up the Hammond Candy Factory and on Monday it's Celestial Seasonings. Just google factory tours and you'll find lots of them.

5. Keep it Clean

Every time you stop for gas, use that opportunity to empty the garbage out of your car. Food wrappers. Empty water bottles. Whatever. 

6. Comfort is King

Yoga pants are boss for chilling in the car. Actually anything loose and flowing will make your body happy while spending long hours in a confined space.

7. Gas Savings

It goes without saying you need to keep an eye on the fuel gauge, and when it's time to fill up look for an exit with lots of gas stations and fast food. Because of the competition, prices will be lower than if you fill up at a lone station out in the middle of nowhere.

Those are the basics. Whether you're just heading out for a couple hour trip or a full-blown two-week extravaganza, by incorporating these ideas, you'll have the best time ever.