Be An Encourager

Be An Encourager

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”
—Anne Frank

One of my writer buddies recently shared with me a sweet letter she'd received from a reader. That doesn't happen nearly enough, but even more rare was that this one was actually typed on personal stationary. That little bit of effort affected that author in a huge way, a memorable way, filling her with enough encouragement to take on the world.

Unfortunately, that kind of encouragement is a rare thing. But why? Is it that we've turned into an ungrateful pack of animals, too busy snipping and snapping our teeth in snarls instead of smiles? Nope. For the most part, I don't think so. It's just that we're too busy. Period.

And that's a choice.

Oh, go on and put your pitchforks down. No need to flay me for speaking the truth, for truth it is, no matter how crazy your schedule is. Yes, there are bills to pay and kids to tote and careers to attend to. But (and I've always got a big but) honestly how much time does it take to pen a thank you? Ten minutes? Fifteen? Okay, let's say twenty to give you time to rummage around for a stamp. You have the power to say yes to twenty minutes.

So, let's say you took that small amount of time even just once a month to write an encouraging note to someone. Imagine the impact that could have, especially if we all did it. The world would be a happier place. Granted, there'd still be wars and in-fighting, but there'd also be a smile on the faces and in the hearts of those who received a short note.

Small things count. What you say yes to matters. Be a catalyst for good.