Fiction Friday: Sand Creek Serenade

Fiction Friday: Sand Creek Serenade

A female doctor and a Cheyenne brave? Yes, please!

I’m not usually one to pick up a western. But there are a few exceptions, and Jennifer Uhlarik’s recent release, Sand Creek Serenade, is one of them. This girl knows her western history, and besides, what’s not to love about a Cheyenne hero? Personally, I’m running over to Barnes and Noble to snatch this bad boy up. Here’s a blurb:

Dr. Sadie Hoppner is no stranger to adversity. She’s fought to be taken seriously since childhood, when her father began training her in the healing arts. Finding acceptance and respect proves especially difficult at Fort Lyon, where she’s come to practice medicine under her brother’s watchful eye.

Cheyenne brave Five Kills wouldn’t knowingly jeopardize the peace treaty recently negotiated between his people and the Army. But a chance encounter with the female doctor ignites memories of his upbringing among the whites. Too intrigued to stay away, tension erupts with the soldiers, and Five Kills is injured.

As he recuperates under the tender care of the pretty healer, an unlikely bond forms. However, their fledgling love is put to the test when each realizes that a much greater danger awaits—a danger they are wholly unable to stop, and one which neither may survive.