Fiction Friday: Free Fiction

Fiction Friday: Free Fiction

Want to load up your e-reader with some classics for free?

So many books, so little time. I’ve said that a hundred thousand times myself…but that never stops me from getting new books. And what’s better than that? Getting new books for free!

Planet eBook is a site I’ve recently discovered that downloads classic eBooks to your device for no cost. I know. Sounds like a scam, right? Nope. Plus, they’re high quality reads as well. In their own words:

Existing free eBooks on the web tend to be well beneath the quality of paper books, making them more difficult and less pleasurable to read. In a small way, we’re trying to change this. Our goal is to publish a small selection of high-quality eBooks — each a genuine alternative for readers wanting to enjoy reading a book without having to pay for it. 

Their selection isn’t overwhelming, but Planet eBook is adding new titles all the time. They’ve already got some of my personal faves like Jane Eyre or The Island of Dr. Moreau. So, give it a whirl. What have you got to lose besides a little space on your device?