Be Yourself

Be Yourself

It's a tough job, but only you can be you.

Diversity. Sometimes that's hard to embrace, namely when it's yourself who is the one in need of acceptance. Why is it easier to extend grace to others but we tear ourselves apart with negative self think?

Easy or not, today I'm here to not only give you permission but to encourage you in all your strange glory to be the you God created you to be. All the quirk, the rough edges, the messy bits, these are exactly what make you special.

And here's the deal: by embracing all of who you are, you encourage those around you to not only love and accept you, but also set a standard for them to love and accept themselves.

Granted, this is not a sweeping endorsement for you to blatantly disregard God's rules, but rather an incentive to glorify your maker by being happy with the way He's made you. Cherish every last whimsical irregularity that you own because you're exactly how God intended you to be.

Now, get out there and shine, you crazy little sparkler! 

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