The Noble Guardian in Pictures

The Noble Guardian in Pictures

Inspiring Images for The Noble Guardian

Writing a novel takes more than words. It takes inspiration. And what better way to get inspired than looking at pictures?

When I start planning out a new story, it helps if I make a storyboard of sorts of what things look like such as the hero/heroine, settings, secondary characters, personal items, etc. It helps to keep those images all in one place, so Pinterest is my go-to for all that. So, want to see what Thatcher looks like to me? How I envisioned Abigail? What the exact route was from southern to northern England? You’re in luck!

Here’s the Pinterest Board for The Noble Guardian.

And while we’re at it, here’s a blurb for The Noble Guardian:

Life couldn’t be better for Abigail Gilbert—but it’s been a long time coming. Having lived with a family who hated her, love is finally within reach. Abby sets off on a journey across England to marry one of the most prestigious gentleman bachelors in the land—until highwaymen upset her plans and threaten her life.
Horse patrol captain Samuel Thatcher arrives just in time to save Abby. But to him she’s simply another victim in a job he’s come to despise. Tired of the dark side of humanity, he intends to buy land and retire.
Abby pleads with him to escort her on the rest of her journey. He refuses until she offers him the thing he desperately needs to achieve his goal: money. Delivering her safely will earn him more than enough to settle into a quiet life.

So begins an impossible trek for the cynical lawman and the proper lady. Each will be indelibly changed by the time they reach her betrothed, if they don’t kill one another first—or fall in love.

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