Showcase on Author Robin Mason

Showcase on Author Robin Mason

Today we’re celebrating Robin Mason’s novel Tessa.

One of my favorite things to do as an author is to help out other authors, so today, I’m handing the reins over here at my journal to author Robin Mason…

Today I’m celebrating my debut novel’s fourth birthday. A brief word of explanation: Tessa has a double birthday. At the prompting and with the help of a friend, I first released her in early March 2014, but for Kindle only. I quickly learned the value of having print copies, and with the help of that same friend (who did all the formatting for me) I released and had all the celebration in October.

Tessa’s official book birthday is 31 October, which is fitting for the story since she assumed an identity not her own, thus “wearing a mask.” So welcome to the celebration! Grab a mask and a virtual cuppa tea and birthday cake!

About the book:
When Cassie Barclay is presented with an opportunityor is it a curseshe jumps at the chance. She takes on a new life, her sister’s life, and although at first, it holds appeal and promise, she soon realizes sometimes the fairy tale is tainted.

Assuming the name of Tessa, Cassie moves into the life that was her sister’s, and faces first one realization then another, one disappointment after another. Stepping into Connie’s life does not automatically grant her all that Connie had or was. But it does deny all that she had and was as Cassie. As herself.

Just when she believes her life is on an even keel, something comes along to ripple the waters and remind her of her secret. Until the day she gets a phone call that rips her world apart. Who is the mysterious caller? And who knows her secrets?

As part of the celebration, be sure to sign up to win a free copy!