Overcoming Overwhelming

Overcoming Overwhelming

Any overwhelming task starts with just one step.

Sitting down to write a novel is a daunting endeavor. Where to begin? What to say? How to capture the movie in my head so that others can see it? The answer is painfully simple: just write one word at a time.

And that same principle works for any overwhelming task you may be facing. Stalling out because of fear of where or how to begin is best overcome by simply beginning.

The key to accomplishing something great, or accomplishing anything all, really, is to break that task down into small steps and then just keep on walking until you're finished. It will be hard, it may be boring, but by the time you finish, I guarantee it will be worth it.

So, what overwhelming chore are you facing today? I challenge you to take just one little step toward achieving that goal. Only one. Tomorrow you can take another one.

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