My Favorite Perk of Being an Author

My Favorite Perk of Being an Author

Besides readers, one of the best thing about being a writer is hanging out with other writers.

I'm not gonna lieā€¦being an author is pretty awesome. You not only get to sit around in your jammies all day if you so choose, but when you do finally slap on some real pants and connect with other writers, some of them are rockstar famous. 

I'm fortunate enough to not only live close to historical romance writer Julie Klassen, but I actually get to be her friend. How sweet is that? So today, grab a cup o' joe, and allow me to introduce you to the queen of Inspirational Regency.

I first discovered Julie on a bookshelf in Barnes and Noble. Her debut novel was The Lady of Milkweed Manor, a somewhat bittersweet tale set in early 1800's England. I adored her writing, the story, and the characters, and I couldn't wait for her next book to come out. I still can't. Every December she puts out another one. I'm the one with my nose pressed to the glass of Barnes & Noble's front door.

 Check out the spread  Victorian Magazine  did on Julie during her recent visit to Bath, England

Check out the spread Victorian Magazine did on Julie during her recent visit to Bath, England


Fast forward a few years. A new writer's group began in my area so, dutiful writer that I am, I joined it. Lo and behold, who also joined that very same group? You got it: Julie. She survived my fangirl attack and we even struck up a friendship. I know, right? 

Besides writing, however, we've got lots of other things in common. We both love to travel under the guise of research, adore BBC period dramas, and coffee is an addiction for each of us. Julie's always willing to brainstorm with me, help me figure out a new character or tweak a plot line, or is just content for us both to bring our computers to a coffee shop and work on our own stories. Yep. She's just that awesome.

If you haven't checked out one of Julie's books yet, you are seriously missing out! Her latest release is The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill. I suggest you snatch that one up pronto because the second book in that series, The Ladies of Ivy Cottage, releases this December. If you love memorable, feel-good stories that harken back to merry ole England, then this is the author for you

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