Kicking Doubt to the Curb

Kicking Doubt to the Curb

Sometimes the hardest person to believe in is yourself.

You know what? Not everyone is going to believe in you. Even God doesn’t have everyone believing in Him. You can’t control what others think. You can’t force others to believe in your dream of what you want to achieve. There’s no shame in that. It’s just the way it is.

The real shame is if you don’t believe enough in yourself to go after that dream. What secret goal do you have that maybe you’ve never admitted out loud? For me, it was to see a book on the shelf at a bookstore with my name on it as the author. It took about 15 years and a lot of naysaying before I did it, but eventually that dream came true. Why? Not because I thought I was an awesome writer, but because I believed God gave me that desire for a purpose and I worked toward that end.

What’s your dream today? Do you believe you can achieve it? If not, here’s a little nugget to tuck into your pocket: with God nothing is impossible.

Michelle Griep1 Comment