How Rich Are You?

How Rich Are You?

Happiness, joy, and contentment are within your reach today.

Currently my husband and I are in the market for a new house. Today on a whim, we looked at one that had a swimming pool out in the 'burbs. Compared to our inner city house in the 'hood, it was pretty spectacular. I felt like a rich person just thinking about owning that house, leaving behind our cracked asphalt, sirens, traffic, and neighbors near enough to know when they've eaten far too much Chipotle (yes, our dining room window is just that close to the neighbor's bathroom window).

But you know what? Even after deciding that house was too much of a stretch for us and coming back home to our little plot of urban living, I still felt like a rich person. At least we have a house, a roof, good food in our bellies and health. And even if we didn't have any of those things, we still and always will have a great God who love us.

So no matter what station of life you find yourself in today, not only count your blessings but enjoy them.

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