Fiction Friday: So Bright A Hope

Fiction Friday: So Bright A Hope

Redcoats, Traitors & Romance

There are authors that even though you’ve never met them, you just feel like kindred spirits. Maybe it’s her smile. Maybe it’s her vivacious ways. Maybe it’s something as simple as her awesome book covers. I dunno, but Amber Lynn Perry is a writer I feel like I’ve known forever just from a few random emails with her. And guess what? She’s got a new book out. So Bright A Hope is a historical adventure you won’t want to miss. Here’s a blurb:

When Caroline Whitney receives word that the brother she thought was dead is in fact a prisoner of war, she is frantic to rescue him. On the way to find help, she hides from the Redcoats, but is quickly discovered by a rugged British soldier who claims she must go with him, or be tried for espionage. The world would tell her this man is the enemy, but the veiled secrets in her captor’s eyes reveal he is more than he seems. If she fails to trust, more could be endangered than her life—her heart is bound to be broken a second time. 

As a double agent in the service of Washington, British Captain James Higley must keep his true convictions a secret or face being killed as a traitor. On his newest mission, he discovers a courageous woman hiding in a barn, and is forced to capture her, or both their lives will be in jeopardy. When she offers her compliance in exchange for help in finding her brother, he accepts, despite his inner warnings. He must keep his distance from this alluring Patriot, or risk revealing not only his identity, but the true feelings of his heart.