Fiction Friday: Once Upon a Dickens Christmas

Fiction Friday: Once Upon a Dickens Christmas

3 Charming Tales set in Victorian England

Christmas displays are now in stores everywhere and you know what that means? Yep. It’s time to hunker down with a tale from merry olde England, and good news…I’ve got one for you just in time!

My newest release is Once Upon a Dickens Christmas. This collection includes your favorites of 12 Days at Bleakly Manor and A Tale of Two Hearts but bonus! There’s a brand new third story entitled The Old Lace Shop. Here’s the cover:


Here’s a blurb:

Bella White can’t help letting her freedom go to her head when she’s widowed unexpectedly—and for good reason. She’s lived her whole life as a pawn, clutched in the hands of men, and she’s done with them, the entire brutish lot. Intent on proving herself as an independent woman, she moves to Nottingham to take over as majority owner in one of her late husband’s holdings. Co-managing a lace factory will be difficult but not impossible. . .or will it?

Edmund Archer is a no-nonsense businessman with a single softness in his heart—his only daughter. Determined to leave her a legacy of the most prosperous lace factory in all of England, he works hard for her and all the employees who depend upon him. And now victory is within reach, for he’s about to gain full ownership and will finally be able to implement his innovative ideas for expansion—until his deceased partner’s widow decides to retain her claim.

Bella and Edmund’s first business meeting is ill-fated before it begins, for much to their astonishment, they know each other. . .as former sweethearts. Will a second chance at love heal their past or ruin each other’s future?

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