Cover Reveal: The Innkeeper's Daughter

Cover Reveal: The Innkeeper's Daughter

A sneak peek at an action-packed Regency hitting the bookshelves next spring.

I'm no designer. Not many authors I know are. But that doesn't mean authors don't still have to do a lot of work for a book cover. I'm not talking pulling out the crayons and sketching layouts. Authors paint their pictures best with words…and that's what's required for the author's end of things when it comes to book design.

I get sent a cover direction worksheet from the publisher. Information I need to fill out is:

  • Background/setting
  • Character backgrounds/descriptions
  • Story conflicts
  • The tone of the story
  • Symbolism used in the story

Once I've written in all those details, I also need to include pictures. The good news is, though, that usually by this stage in the game I've already put together a Pinterest board. Here is the board I put together for The Innkeeper's Daughter.

All that information is then trundled off to the "for real" designer. With the help of fairy dust and a magical wand, and a bit of grunt work, voila! A new cover is then born. But enough of my blathering. What you really want to see is the new cover, right? Drum roll, please.


Here's a snippet:

Tension is high with the threat of a Napoleonic attack in Regency England, but risk from abroad means nothing when there’s danger at home.

Officer Alexander Moore goes undercover as a gambling gentleman to expose a high-stakes plot against the crown—and he’s a master of disguise, for Johanna Langley believes him to be quite the rogue…until she can no longer fight against his unrelenting charm.

All Johanna wants is to keep the family inn afloat, but when the rent and the hearth payment are due at the same time, where will she find the extra funds? If she doesn’t come up with the money, there will be nowhere to go other than the workhouse—where she’ll be separated from her ailing mother and ten-year-old brother.

Alex desperately wants to help Johanna, especially when she confides in him, but his mission—finding and bringing to justice a traitor to the crown—must come first, or they could all end up dead.

It’s a race against time for them both.

The Innkeeper's Daughter is slated to hit bookshelves March 1, 2018.