A Tale of Two Hearts

A Tale of Two Hearts

A Tale of Two Hearts

William Barlow needs a wife immediately to gain his uncle’s inheritance, and Mina Scott is just the girl to make him look respectable—too bad she turns him down. Ought he give her a second chance?

London, 1853: Innkeeper’s daughter Mina Scott will do anything to escape the drudgery of her life, for there’s nothing more mundane than serving customers day after day. Every minute she can, she reads and dreams of someday becoming a real lady—and catch the eye of William Barlow, a frequent guest at the inn.

William is a gentleman’s son, a charming but penniless rogue. However, his bachelor uncle will soon name an heir—either him or his scheming cousin. In an effort to secure the inheritance, William gives his uncle the impression he’s married, which works until he’s invited to bring his wife for a visit.

William asks Mina to be his pretend bride, only until his uncle names an heir on Christmas Day. Mina is flattered and frustrated by the offer, for she wants a true relationship with William. Yet, she agrees. . .then wishes she hadn’t. So does William. Deceiving the old man breaks both their hearts. When the truth is finally discovered, more than just money is lost.

Can two hearts survive such deception?

A Dickensian delight! Victorian London and the characters within come alive within these pages. I thoroughly enjoyed riding the characters coattails through bustling streets between the Golden Egg Inn, Purcell’s Tea Room, and more as they wove a tangled web of their own design—and then desperately tried to unravel it before falling through the strands. A refreshing tale perfectly paired with a cup of Christmas tea.
— Jocelyn Green, award-winning author of A Refuge Assured
In A Tale of Two Hearts, Michelle Griep tells a skillfully woven tale both elegant and heartwarming. Charles Dickens would be delighted with the way she tucked into this story’s pockets truths and observations he penned long ago. Highly recommended reading, no matter the season.
— Cynthia Ruchti, author of An Endless Christmas, Restoring Christmas, and more than twenty other novels and nonfiction
When a seemingly harmless deception escalates to alarming proportions, the characters in A Tale of Two Hearts are forced to question their values and decide if sacrificing their integrity justifies the altruistic outcome. This delightful story combines a host of interesting characters, fresh writing, and a heartwarming ending that will leave the reader smiling.
— Susan Anne Mason, award-winning author of Irish Meadows and A Most Noble Heir
I have found another favorite author and it’s Michelle Griep. With an incredible ability to spin a beautiful tale, Griep sucked me into the story from the very first paragraph. From the historical detail to the English setting to the unforgettable and enjoyable characters, I didn’t want to put this book down. William and Mina will stick with me for a long time. This will be a story to read again and again. And now I’m off to find every Michelle Griep book I can get my hands on.
— Kimberley Woodhouse, bestselling author
Delightful Christmas fare perfect for fans of English historicals, brimful with Dickensian details and the beautiful Christian truth of second chances.
— Carolyn Miller, author of Regency Brides: Legacy of Grace and Regency Brides: A Promise of Hope series